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May 15, 2013
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Title. Done. 493 words to go.
I don’t know where to start. That reminds me...
I need to ask Judy where we’re meeting next week
What clothes do I where to the park? I got new jeans yesterday
Ill suppose they will do. Oh yes and my black leather boots.

481 now. Mum always said I wrote fast. And I type fast.
Lightning. It’s sunny outside. It hasn’t rained in 2 weeks.
Its freezing though, actually I think I’ll put a jumper on.
Beginning to get dark upstairs, mind you everything
seems dark and gloomy on a Sunday afternoon.
Winter and I can just about already see the moon.

408 now. And I’m beginning to get hungry
Shakespeare’s thirsty work, I’ll go and get a drink.
“Mum when’s dinner?” “Soon” she says its killing me
being the only one in this room. I can smell the chicken. Delish!
I wonder what Maria’s having? Ill tweet her after this.

150 done and I think I’m on a roll.
Take that Romeo and Juliet, I’m here to steal the show.
I wonder whether i’d like this on stage
I have a habit of getting distracted
Dad says I can’t concentrate only I think he over reacted.

300 done 200 left. Although that last part didn’t make sense.
I can’t stop now, it’s in for tomorrow, I can’t help but panic just under an hour left
Until I’m supposed to be in bed and I told my mum my homework’s done.
It’s not my fault she didn’t remind me of you Mr Wence
But slowly my ideas are fading and my parents don’t seem to care
I hear them eating their packets of sweets, my mouth starts to water
Their cackling at the television no thought of their daughter.

50 left and boy can I babble, although I’m not gonna lie.
I think this is some of my best material, Google saved my life.
Time is of the essence and I hate every second
Swirls and twirls border the paper. A deadly sharp pencil.
A decaying eraser, debris all over the table
I’m gonna have to clear up after this, for today I’m not their angel

All done now... And I’m tidying away the evidence of a stereotypical teenager
It’s been 2 hours writing nonstop, I made a mistake okay?
I’ve been a little busy you see, so many people to meet
But today when Daphnie insisted I came, I guess I should of thought about when to retreat

I’d like to tell you that I’ve learnt my lesson; I will never do what I did that day
But I don’t want to say that I’d wish I’d been there only I was stuck doing an English essay.

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SummerIndigo said...
Jun. 10, 2013 at 7:35 am
Haha this is great! A few grammar and spelling mistakes, but still good!
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