Believe in Yourself

September 18, 2008
By Jaleesa Harris, Jackson, MS

It's hard, it's easy,
It's tough, it's smooth;
I can't take it, the it is school.
Final exams, no exams period,
Being in school you have to be serious.
Can't play around or slack off,
Because if you do you'll never be able to be your own boss.
Take a chance go for the gold,
Going once, going twice, sold;
To the kid with the bright future,
Who could have it all;
Be the best of the best with a life that's a ball.
Check this out you have plenty of potential believe in yourself you can go far,
Trust yourself and be who you are.
Try your best to get into college,
Trust and believe you can use the knowledge;
To do what you love and be what you want,
Don't let anyone tell you, you can't 'cause they wont.
"You can't do it," they say,
"You're lame go away."
"You wish you could do it you really wish you could, but everyone knows you're too ghetto and hood.
You may be a ghetto hood child fromt the wrong side of town,
You try to do what's right but that ain't how it goes down.
They tell you "You're a ghetto hood child who don't know what to do, but lay on your back that's all you're good for boo."
When they tell you that look at them and smile,
Say "I'm better than that and my life is worth while."

The author's comments:
Well it may not have happen to me but it happens to people and I just want to say it really came from my heart and it's really an inspirational piece to all people who someone has told they can't do it or they're not good enough to well this poem says you can do what you put your mind to. And really that is the truth you can do what you believe you can do, go as far and you would like, and live your dreams to the fullest i hope this poem helps someone or at least inspires you.

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