September 18, 2008
High School
I am so sick of all your grap
I am sick of the fighting
I am sick of the drama
I am sick of dealing with it
I have my own troubles
And I cant get my self in a good mood
And you guys aren’t helping me at all
You just keep making it worse
I really wonder why you guy’s just cant get along
I really wonder why I am your still your friend
Then I realize its because I love you both like sisters
Not one of you two is better than the other
Your equal in my world
How I wish my world existed
I hate being torn between you two
It drives me mad
And let me tell you something I don’t have much farther till I am a mental nut case
And I keep wondering how I keep getting in the middle of it
Do I try to?
Or do you guy’s just asoom I want to be
You guy’s keep battling just keep me the hell out of it
I am through
I am sick
Sick of the fighting
Sick of the gripping
Sick of the drama
Sick of it all
So please just keep me out of it

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