Supernatural Destruction

September 16, 2008
By Mikaela K., Houston, TX

I watch the wind as it moves through all the things let loose,
and how it reminds me of the way I push my pain away.
Makes me wonder if your to be held responsible for all this,

Supernatural Destruction inside me.

The storm ripples through the trees,
like the burn inside of me.
so tempting,
suddenly I feel so incomplete,
but I know your watching,
just to prove a point.
That we are fragile

and are nothing compared to the Supernatural.

The ground starts to overflow,
I start to loose control.
I let it rain down on me,
while I try to see clearly.
Bright flashes overhead,
silently, I wish I was dead.
These thoughts keep echoing in my head,
like the thunder all around,
echoing off the ground.
Through it all
I see what your trying to say,

Supernatural Destruction can't be kept away.

Whether inside you or tossing your world around.
They try to predict the unpredictable,
I know thats it's useless
your the one in control.
The more I think
the more unreasonable it seems.
Am i the only who can't see clearly?
The thought dances through my head,
like the trees surrounding me.
I feel like i'm going to drift away,
my thoughts suddenly go astray
as i seem to drift further and further from grace.
I can't find my inner place.
My pain seems to wash away,
like the rain in the drain.
It melts and
I can't remember why I stayed,
until my pain is let loose against the world.
Lightening lights the sky,
the wind makes me fly,
the thunder echos making no sound,
while the rain trails to the drain taking my pain along the way.
I should be grateful it washed away,

but the Supernatural Destruction is here to stay.

The author's comments:
I wrote this while I was sitting outside during Hurricane Ike and I guess it's just how I saw what was going on around me.

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