September 16, 2008
Love pulsates through my veins
as a water makes up the river.
If I become my heart
will you become the love?

I could forever be with you,
your arms baring my safe spot
I would never leave you behind
but next to me forever.

As if you breathed for me
you are my air,
and I breathe you in every second.
Without that I would choke
and never take a breath again.
The air would be forever polluted and
I would never see the light again.

Your scent is my constant companion
along with your shirt that sits on my shoulders.
Its my new trend
to wear you and hope this season never ends.

I wake up and listen to my alarm clock,
as your words bring me to life.
Your kisses fill my appetite
and food seems so silly now.

Artwork is for those who aren’t in love,
your smile decorates my room
and I plan on never taking it down,
because in any light it could lead me to brightness

Love doesn’t seem to cover it,
a feeling isn’t strong enough to fill this glass.
A way of being and way of life
is what I live for and without it
I would be just like everyone else...

A person searching for a reason to live.

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