September 15, 2008
By Alexandria Columbia, West Babylon, NY

I never really knew what love was until I saw you're face
The first time I laied eyes on you
everything changed
You we're all I could think about
and all I could dream about
You make me laugh
when I can't even force my ownself to smile
Whenever I had something to say
you listend
whenever I needed you
you were right there by my side
Whenever I can't speak
you're my voice
You're my light
at the end of a dark tunnel
You're the voice that's always ringing in my ears
Whenever I feel the loving warmness of you're embrace
I just don't want to let go
and I feel like the luckiest person alive
There's no where else I'd rather be with than with you
in those loving arms that have captivated me so well
Whenever you come to mind
I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside my heart
and when I feel that
I know what real love is
My heart knows that we'll be together forever
and I woulden't have it any other way
I'd say I love you
but that would never be close as to how much I feel for you.

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