Moon Beams

September 15, 2008
By Jenna Benjamin, Lititz, PA

Pale Moon hovers closely
As I walk through dense forest

Wolves howl forlornly
Tiny animals skitter

Feelings of despair and hurt
Cloud the thought of you

The pond sparkles brightly
Illuminating and reflecting

I see you in the water
Swimming gracefully

Like an Asian carp
Fluid and languid

I take off my clothes
The water is cool and warm

Sinking deeper and deeper
You join me at the depths

Passion, Anger, Love, Pain, Joy
All this I feel

For you

The author's comments:
This piece was featured in my school's literary magazine. It was to have a piece of artwork with it. Unfortunately the artist did not finish the art in time for publishing. What ever you take from this poem is what you believe you feel. I can't argue with you over what it means or what it's really telling you. All I can say is that if you do read it, you enjoy it and understand a part of me and who I am. This is my "art work." This is my "livelyhood." This is me.

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