Head in The Sand

May 11, 2013
By MrSuz BRONZE, Delran, New Jersey
MrSuz BRONZE, Delran, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
The best way to try to motivate somebody is by being direct with them. To be honest with them. Lies are never the right way to get your message across.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park, My Future Self n' Me, 2002

I stare out and see a world...

A world that even the worst of storms can't convince our dying planet is beyond fantasy.

A world that embraces young girls being exploited and objectified on television.

A world that has helmeted men chasing after pig skin making way more than helmeted men protecting our country, because we all know Ray Lewis and Michael Vick totally deserve those salaries...

A world that has massacres happening by the dozens, and our reaction is to scapegoat fiction and change the subject from the real issues...

A world that can dismiss physical abuse and bullying as "just teasing" and "all fun and games"

A world that is void of empathy, one where the ignorant and close minded simply think the depressed should lighten up or the unemployed get a job.

A world that is an unforgiving kleptomaniac to innocence.

A world that is plagued, cursed and damned by prejudice and ignorance.

A world that has our valiant warriors go home to, well, what home?

A world that chooses to be hasty and live in hindsight, making practical solutions to it's worst problems after the fact.

A world that chooses to proudly bow it's head into the sand.

A world that molds pessimists and close minded nonbelievers.

And yet, like many others before me, I watch it all in comfortable silence, knowing that I can see some light gleaming on the horizon...

The author's comments:
I am, for the most part, an optimist. But when I hear about all these depressing headlines in the news, I can't help but feel a sense of hopelessness and frustrated anger. So yeah, this is my Walt Whitman inspired venting that I originally wrote for a contest. Enjoy :)

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