Things to Do On a Seven Mile Run

September 15, 2008
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Taste the brisk early morning air
Shiver in the moist effervescent fog
Take a wrong turn and exult in getting lost
Forget the nagging pain in your shins, knees, and side
Hum endless tunes; hear the echoes as they return
Shake off the sweat slithering down the back of your neck
Argue with the stubborn asphalt
Squint into the glare of the swelling sun
Crest the peak of the far bluff
Smell whiffs of rowan berries, of fermented leaves, of pine
Push onward, test the limits of expectation
Conquer a sloping incline
Dodge the falling leaves
Make lists of shopping, tasks, books unfinished
Discover new species of bustling bugs and fragrant flowers
Evade the itchy arms of the prairie grass, the sticky burr, the prickly thorn
Take mental photographs
Catch your breath on the banks of a bubbling brook
Race against your shadow, a respectable adversary
Lose track of time

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