My Angel Ella

September 15, 2008
By Allison Bell, Carmel, IN

On July thirty-first of 2002,
A child was born, perhaps a miracle is true.
With striking blue eyes and that cute button nose,
Her commendable parents were who God chose.

It was later that day when we discovered the news,
The extra chromosome, which should come in twos.
Though through all the tears and all the misery,
God gave us the strength to up stand the adversity.

She was spoiled and loved like a puppy without flaw
But was held in our arms like a fragile glass doll.
And though fear and anxiety rushed through our veins
We knew that she was held in God’s powerful reign.

We were given, with her, nearly five glorious years
Years that will be cherished, and never to be perished.
The memories with Ella will forever be held
They shall remain in our hearts and continue to dwell.

This Christmas will be the first one in 5 years
That we’ll have to celebrate without her near.
But though we say she is not physically here,
We know that mentally, she will always be near.

Rest in peace, our Guardian Angel.

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