September 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The still night comes
A raven calls
In the distant
Comes the sound.

If I am called
He is beckoned.
Dare I ask this sweet raven?
“Can it be, are we destined?”

Then sweet raven shifts too cruel.
“It cannot be!”
My warmed heart of hope melted in sorrow.
I turn to see another in my place.

The one who I thought to be destined,
Was meant to be with another he.
“Sorrow to sleep.”
Raven’s comfort, I do not understand.

Takes flight to perch himself on thy shoulder
“Lost love, lost friend, which is worse?”
Tears fall from my eyes
“I’m not sure.”

“Dear sweet raven, what can I do
to stop the pain and fear?”
Raven shakes thy head,
“No stop. Just die.”

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