Who said

September 14, 2008
who said this would be easy

then again who said this would be difficult

the little parts of life are a test

to see if we can survive the rest

some may see it as a sick game

i see it as a way to see if im still sane

most things in life are about vanity

oh lord,help me keep my sanity

i wonder if ill live to see thirty

because sometimes the things i do are so horrible

that i dont like myself

man, i really need help

so party with the dead

and awake the living

most of that is m doing

if i wake you i aplologize

but im just trying to live my life

so slap the money down and pass the drinks around

and listen to the sorrow in the wolfs howl
this is my life so get off my back,maybe its fun in which you lack

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