mediterranean philosophies

September 14, 2008
By JamesNikko SILVER, San Pablo, California
JamesNikko SILVER, San Pablo, California
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a collection of avoidance rolling on soft tongues,
beyond what we may never, ever know.
see, we lack today's technological stereotypes,
and, i push for the existence but pull for time.
as if information, knowledge, and awareness
will lead to the transformation that ceases to arrive.
and, my hope just can't swallow such emotion.
rather, my suffering under such silence berates.
as if distance will be the solution of my dilemma.
my wishes won't grasp reality just yet.
complex love sliding off of these open arms,
like wet concrete to the weary knees.
digestion refuses to process such feelings,
and all i can hear is . . . nothing.

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