In The Silence, Bells Jingle

May 10, 2013
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In the silence bells jingle, small and gold,

Vibrant he dances, never growing old.

The princess, she watches, detached yet amused,

From nothing he produces a rose, the queen looks confused.

The king’s eyes never leave him, the lords are in awe,

Light-footed he cartwheels, breaking gravity’s law.

His tunic is purple, deeper than night,

His hat is a wonderment – a fascinating sight.

He can juggle, he can jump – he can play the flute well,

And there isn’t a story that he cannot sell.

His hoops are of every colour, his eyes sparkle with mirth,

He has been the centre of attention since his very birth.

A wonder is this man who can hold all the court,

He is one of a kind in his type of sport.

Surely he is a force with whom to be reckoned,

He is the court jester of none other than King Edward the Second.

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