I Love You, Daddy

September 13, 2008
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You sat in that room
Waiting, waiting.
Where’s the clock?
You know nothing.
It slaps you.

You’ve seen things
You wished you could take back.
It’s been heartbreaking.
There were times
Where you never felt more dark.
But you’ve pulled through.
For her.

It’s affected you
You don’t know it
But I see it everyday.
In moments of weakness
I snap, break, crack.
I hurt, dent, fracture you.
But we’ve pulled through
For her
For me.

You taunt me on purpose.
You watch the tears fall.
I am your blood, your extension.
It stabs you and you feel
A pain like no other.
But it’s affected you.
You won’t
You can’t
They watch, frustrated.
But we’ve pulled through
For her
For him
For me.

You watch him fall
Your heart clenches with hot blood
Of anger.
You yell, scold, you hurt
Him for hurting you.
His pain makes you retreat.
You need him
And when you see him
So vulnerable, so naïve, so small
You’re scared
Out of your mind.
But you’ve pulled through
For her
For him
For me
For you.

I say
But you keep going
Deeper and deeper
You scrape the wound.
I say
I’m not in the mood.
You know it kills me.
I try to hurt you.
I hurt you because I trust
That you will always
Love me
No matter what.
They see us and they tremble
From the impact of
Verbal sticks and stones.
But we’ve pulled through
For her
For him
For me
For you.

I hate it
It hates me.
You love it
You love me.
You shouldn’t love it
But you do.
You are the me of it
You are its blood, its extension.
You love to love
I hate to prove.
She is my mother
It is yours.
But we’ve always pulled through
For her
For him
For me
For you.

I will always follow you
No matter what you do.
You are the North Star
So shine, shine, shine.
When you fall
I’ll be lost.
When you fade,
Where will I go?
We will always pull through
For her
For him
For me
For you
For us.

For everyone.

Daddy, I love you.
I always will.

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