September 13, 2008
You say you know me
Truth is you don't
You don't get the fact that
I don't like you
I don't want to be around you
You brought me down when I failed
You laughed at me when I didn't succeed
And I, I was the one who gave you the shoulder to cry on.
I gave you a secret in return of another,
I've kept all of your promises,
But you have broken all of mine.
You think life's a joke
When it's actually a riddle.
You think life's a fairy tale
When it's actually a nightmare.
You don't grasp the fact that I don't want to be around you
You have caused me so much heartache,
I don't know what's left of my fleshy, sensitive muscle.
You left a hole where my heart should be.
Not that you'd care.
All these times I've needed you ,
But you weren't there, I needed to talk but you wouldn't listen
I wanted to tell you how I really felt
You walked away.
What have i done?
And I wait
And wait
And wait for an answer,
But it doesn't come.
You left me here in the dark,
To die.
But a merciful person deserves more right?
No after all you've done to me,
You still don't care,
Won't listen,
And walk away.
I don't know why I love you,
I don't know why i hate you.
You did this to me mercilessly.
Without feeling you stomped on me,
Kicked me when i was down.
I never knew any better huh?
I know you don't.
You put other people down
For your own satisfaction.
You aren't the person i knew.
Yo probably waited for htis day to come.
For the dai I'd die inside.
But let me tell you .
THis, me being like this, kills you.
It gnaws at you . But i don't care anymore.
I'm done here.
I love you. I'm sorry, but

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