The Words of a Liar

September 13, 2008
By Joylene Teran, Ventura, CA

Being a liar wasn't a choice to me
Thats how it always seemed
It's not like I mastered it in a day
It just came naturally
Speaking about it like it was normal talking like a daily thing
Having it come out of my mouth flowing like a stream
Not thinking it was bad at the time or wondering if it was a problem for me
Just doing what I wanted to nothing close to serene
Just minipulating people to get out of the house for a day or maybe a week
Depending on what I said or thought but mostly how I would speak
Not being able to be trusted it really hurt inside
Even if I didn't realize it but it was something I had to hide
From my friends my family and even myself I had to believe my own lies and then tell everybody else
Something that I've struggled with for a long time
And it just has to get out of my system and out of my mind
But knowing that its hard isn't stopping me
Because I know what i have to do to be set free
From a life thats artifical and just came to be
I'm trying to be honest by opening the lock with a key
And setting myself goals to see whta I can acheive
I'm getting better each and everyday I have my trials but now I know
That I have to choose who I am and the way I go

The author's comments:
"I wrote this poem when I was barley getting back into church and this poem tells about my life and how I eventually overcame my problem, and I know if I can do it so can anyone else who is willing and wanting to change"

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