September 13, 2008
By Anonymous

The blue sky streaches out in
front of me,so vast even you
can see. Pictures of your blue
eyes invade my welcoming mind,
I never forgot you no matter
how hard I tryed. Your irrisistable
smile is always in my mind,
Making my weary eyes seek your
face. You said you would be there
to catch me if i fell. now I've
fallen,and have been on the ground
waiting,yet your hand never
reached from the darkness.
For now all i can do is sit
here waiting like so many times
before thinking of your
mezmorizing eyes. please just
Lend me your hand to break
our everlasting curse.

The author's comments:
Hi. I'm a thirteen year old girl and im just trying to get some of my poems and stories published. I never realy liked writting untill two years ago when I was very angery and decided to write a poem. It was easier than I thought it would be. I realy didnt think I was very good, but when I lost one of them and my old teacher found and read it, she told me I had a real talent for it. If it hadnt been for that teacher I would have never even gotten very intrested in writting at all.

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