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September 13, 2008
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My life has elevated to a point where rationalizing secluded love is no longer accepted
Because my heart mind and soul are no longer proteced
From the strain and enigma of the outside world
For we are no longer little boys and girls
Where all we have to worry about
Is falling off the bike or getting a spanking
But now we have to deal with the hardships of life
That keep our minds pondering and our hearts aching
Therefore in this very sophisticated mind that I possess
There is only room for one interpretation of a person's feelings....
Either you love me or hate me

Hate and love are like sickness and health ande last and first
(You see)You can handle being at the bottom but going back and forth just makes everything worst
So next time in the midst of your despiteful words hope you stop and think on what you have heard
(You see)Love is appreciated
And hate wont stop me from making it through
So when it all boils down
There is only one thing that I ask of you....
Choose ONE

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ms e. said...
Jan. 29, 2009 at 8:42 pm
Very deep.
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