From My Grave

September 13, 2008
By McKenzie Will, Shoreline, WA


I write this from my grave,
Where everyone seems to stare
They all are devastated
But you don’t seem to care

Oh I do remember,
It was you who brought me here.
This jail cell of splinters,
Won’t you join me, dear?

The last night we spent,
Not one good part,
The only memory I have,
Is your knife through my heart

This coffin is so cozy,
At least compared to you,
Your breath did reeked of envy,
And so did your shampoo

Why couldn’t they find him?
The one who killed me
Why couldn’t they find YOU!?
What lies! “NOT GUILTY”!?

So while maggots crawl through me,
I shed my last dry tears,
And write this from my grave,
It should be you down here.

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