Clear is a Color

August 30, 2008
By Autumn Werle, Brady, TX

Clear is the color red,
When i'm mad because of something said.
When a lie was told and here i stay,
Crying as pillows are thrown away.
They'll hit the wall and crumple down,
Then their cases match my sad frown.
They slump and sit just like i do,
Then clear is a color,
Clear turns to blue.

Clear is the color blue,
A stormy sky with a grayish hue.
It's like a tear sliding down a face,
A chilling cold and blusterry place.
The water as i jump inside,
and become encompassed so i may hide.
Those who have shared know what i mean,
Then clear's a color,
Clear becomes green.

Clear is the color green,
I do not wish to now be seen.
My stomach is churning and in a spell,
I feel sometimes i am not well.
My head is swollen with everything,
And the ears on my head begin to ring.
You hide alone as one solomn fellow,
Then clear's a color,
Clear turns to yellow.

Clear is the color yellow,
A cheerful morning a bright hello.
A greeting underneath the sun,
When children are playing and having fun.
How joyous life would be just then,
When people enjoy like again.
You know now what i think,
Then clear's a color,
Clear is pink.

Clear is the color pink,
the new addition a missing link.
A color your cheeks turn when you blush,
Or as you hang upside-down to feel a rush.
A flower that blooms during the spring,
a beautiful, wonderous, joyouse thing.
And all these colors reappear,
Then clear's a color,
Clear is clear.

Clear is the truth,
Clear is a love.
Clear is the heaven's,
Clear is above.

Clear is a color,
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink,
I don't know about you,
But that's what i think.

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This article has 1 comment.

Dolores said...
on Sep. 23 2008 at 5:40 am
Awesome! Way to go Autumn! Look forward to reading more of your work.


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