The Song of Separation

August 30, 2008
By Kimberly Lucke, Woodstock, IL

And so back she marched to where she vowed never to return. Her head may be bowed in discontent but determination is in her eyes. "Twelve months 'til I am free" she says to herself.

Home beckons, it whispers my name fervently. I dream of home only to awake with a sad heart. Take me home, for I am weary. I need the sun, I need the sleep, I need the love I feel there.

Just a little bit longer and soon you'll be home. Home--so close I can taste it! Home--so near I'm almost bursting. I'm almost there.

For each day that draws closer, the less patience I have for this place. So close and still so far away. But also with each day I grow frightened--what will I find when I go back? Will I be happy? Ties have chained me here, will I be released?

The winds have come for me, my time is here. This morning I felt the winds of change and I was not afraid. The winds have come for me "To the west" they whisper. The ties have been broken--Freedom is now in my hands, it glows with the promise of happiness. I seize it now and with the winds I go. No more tears, no more pain--I go to the west where freedom lays.

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