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May 4, 2013
I taught myself to dance alone and I get better every year I get older, watching every one's lives like a roller-coaster while mine is a constant struggle to push off the blankets covering my head with my calloused hands so I don't have to hear the words they pin my heart to my backpack
             Exposed and infested
     with invisible spiders
          Crawling in my ears
and out my mouth curses
to the woman who carried and raised me, not meant for her really, but the shadows that scale the walls and won't stop their clicking my teeth together to drown the static behind each song on the radio repeats the same beats, beats from my arteries to my veins
      Just under my flesh
      scream with protest
as I drag the silver like a bow on a violin but instead of a beautiful sound waves of panic settle down fall asleep, then wake just to pick the scabs that fought for their place to be replaced by someone cooler, I know!
    I know all too well get over it they say it like you dropped your ice cream on the floor you slept so many nights because you were to numb to pull yourself onto your salty mattress creaks when you try to hold back the war splitting your seams like the earth is cracking open at the tectonic plates right beneath you to melt you at the core of our minds, we are a crowd of October Beauties,
        Car Crashed,
             and Sugar Cane Kids
  Singing the same anthem
       composed of silent screams
  I know.

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