Running Away

August 30, 2008
Before you read: This is based on the Holocaust.

The stench of death flows through the air,
We walk in straight lines not allowed to make a sound,
A boy behind me begs for a pear,
Sympathy takes over and the soldier gives it to him without a sound.

Behind us the soldiers turn around,
Six of us take off running into the woods,
We flinch at every sound,
But, we keep going deeper into the woods.

The world gets darker and night comes quickly,
Pain consumes us, our tummies grumble,
Our movement gets slower, more slowly,
Want to stop moving, but we aren't able.

After a while we reach a barn,
Run toward it, and collapse in the hay,
Sleep covers us, no time to mourn,
We are safe, for now in the hay.

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