August 30, 2008
I close my eyes
As I lay on my bed
Trying to sleep, but the images,
So bright,
So bold,
Haunt me,
Not allowing my mind
To escape
From it’s prison.

Every night,
Never sleeping,
Only fright,
Why did she do it?
Why did she take me?
Over and over,
The memory so fresh
In my mind
Only reminds me
Of how she died

How I wish
I could forget.
So quickly
It slips my mind.
Only to remember
A name,
Some words,
Everywhere around me,
All I see is tears
As the family
Remembers it too

I hear voices not understanding
The words
“So sorry” means nothing.
I wish in the morning
I would wake up and see
All of this is just a dream

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erob13 said...
Sept. 17, 2008 at 8:37 pm
Hi Good job Olivia :)
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