August 30, 2008
By La Shawn Simmons, Lancaster, CA

Roaming in folly over gated areas where you were not permitted to enter
Gesturing to pop balloons that weren’t meant for you
Tearing out boundary lines, while cursing at the wailing wind who wailed for innocent’s mercy
Returning nightly to soil the uncultivated land, while the townspeople slept in joyful obliviousness
Ripping out the inner beauty of the land out of its brittle core
However the land forgave you and still produced riches
The country would always feel that it nature of beauty had caused all these self problems
That and the fact that the landlord never put out a scare crow or watch dog to keep out the
Naturally the trespasser gone by undetected continued to pursue the cherry field in vain to attempt to satisfy his self-indulgent hunger
Not for once ever considering the pesticides of his un- Christian like behavior
Who meandered and networked with the townspeople with altar-boy righteousness in the shine of light but in the hollows of shadows played hockey with the lake of the country
It was this trespasser, however, that once plucked weeds and removed aphids in judgment now banished had thrown invisible ink upon the delicately balanced buds
Ink that only those with a special light could find or even sense
The one who always avoided or ignored the “Do Not Disturb Sign”

The author's comments:
IF it is unclear what is trying to be said n this piece it is that the country is a person who is repeatedly being molested/ raped by a loved one or close person in their life (trespasser) and all the emotion entangled in the situation

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