August 30, 2008
By Darby Phillips BRONZE, Idyllwilld, California
Darby Phillips BRONZE, Idyllwilld, California
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Open your eyes,
the dark is too blinding.
Open your soul,
blood's the most binding.
Open your heart,
let someone in.
Open your mind,
you know you won't win.

Free the emotions,
free the pain.
Let go,
be free,
cry in the rain.

I stand here on the edge,
watching 'till you're gone.
I don't try to stop you,
you must learn on your own.
You turn to look at me,
waiting for me to say
"It's ok".
Or maybe you want a "don't go"?
I stand there staring at you.
Do you really not know?

-Please just plant your feet on land.
Don't leave, don't walk away, I need you, the feel of your hand.
Please, I beg you, don't leave me here alone!-

But no, I say nothing and I watch 'till your gone.

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