Fixed By Being Broken

August 30, 2008
By Brianna Acuesta, Brea, CA

I'm moving steadily and slowly,
To the drummer's beat,
Not knowing where I'm going,
Just following my feet.

I'm humming quietly and gently,
To the pianist's song,
Not knowing the whole melody,
Just following along.

Watching from a distance,
And staring from afar,
I break away from following,
And watch him strum on his guitar.

His music made me realize things
I'd never seen before.
He showed me the power music,
Something I could no longer ignore.

When I had first heard music,
It put me in a trance.
The trance when I'd been following,
The trance that kept me from song and dance.

It had layered me with hardness,
And made a surface over my skin,
That kept all emotion and real music,
From impacting me within.

And now the time had come,
When his chords broke through my trance,
And I felt my surface peeling,
Giving me another chance.

I felt the rhythm in my toes,
And though my courage was small,
I asked if he knew the impact his music had,
And his smile said it all.

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