Sick or Sane?

August 29, 2008
Wow, look at her now, don't you just wonder how?
How she ever let it get so bad, notice how she's always sad.
What really did you expect; she's lost all sense of self respect.
She knows how to play this game, one more time to drain the pain.
Maybe this one will be real, maybe she can learn to really feel.
Not put up walls and close you out, no more lies no more doubt.
Will you be what she wants; to let go of a past that haunts.
Every single time she dreams; sit and listen, hear her screams.
She hates all these lies, but everyone loves it when she cries.
It always seems to be the same, oh what a shame, what a shame.
What a cute smile you never see, is this the way it'll always be?
Always crying, carving in her flesh, with scars so new, so fresh.
Trying to act like nothing's wrong, just wait it won't be long.
Oh look at her shake, she'll fall like New York in an earthquake.
Not like it ever mattered, her heart was already shattered.
So she sits so quietly on her bed, holding the gun to her head.
She's ready to paint the walls with her brains;
Sometimes she wonders if she's just insane.

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