Who We Are

August 29, 2008
By Ashley Buss, Reading, KS

This is me
I'm who I am
Why try and change?
I like being Sam
Why change my look?
Why try to pretend?
What's the point
To be in a trend?
What's to say
We can't be us?
Why try and please other?
What's the fuss?
Don't you think
The world would be a bore
If we didn't spread our wings
And learn how to soar?
We walk on different pathes
But unite on similar grounds
Why not just be you
And play a different sound?
March to another beat
Try and find your groove
Listen to your heart
Lift your feet to move
Whose to say
You can't be you?
Just play the cord
Of a blissful tune
This is us
We're who we are
Why try and change?
We're different stars

The author's comments:
Why try to be someone else when it's best to just be you?

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