August 29, 2008
By Ruiqi Tang, Chicago, IL

Rushing to the theater in a bad mood
vexed by the searing heat
I was up to no good
when two girls came waltzing by
screeching with laughter
they turned and said hi
where’s the Magnificent Mile?
they asked and giggled
giggled and asked while I forced a smile
and to myself I imagined
offering false directions but
then they might get lost
and meet bad guys who’d
stuff ‘em into a shady van,
squeeze ‘em between boxes and cans
they are shipped to Japan
where they’ll be geishas
clad in kimonos of plush and gold
and realize it’s not so bad,
sipping tea with wealthy men
they’ll be famous in Tokyo but
to see them happy and rich
only made me twitch
so instead of showing the way, I
said sorry don’t know
and shuffled away

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