August 29, 2008
By Zoe Ashton, Nottinghamshire, ZZ

My eyes are shut and I'm spilling words,
My hand scrawls faster than my mind,
I shrug my shoulders, smile a while,
And I've left my past behind,
For now the only thing that matters,
Are the symbols written down on this page,
Books may yellow with damp and years,
Buy hearts can never age,
I write this poem the only way I know how,
With great empathy and desire,
I've looked upon the scattered skies,
And I want to take this higher,
My lips are pursed, my jaw askew,
My hand awaiting instructions,
I want to take off, fly away,
Buy my soul is somehow reluctant,
For I know that even with dreams so large,
The sky has to be the limit,
But here's a vow, I mean it true,
My flag will reach the summit.

The author's comments:
This is just a quick piece I wrote when I was thinking about life in general. It doesn't have a title - any help? Hope you like it :)

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