Ode to Szechuan Chicken

August 30, 2008
By Aaron Kane, Seven Valleys, PA

Oh! ShangriLa!
What a masterpiece you've made!
The zesty sauce, the creamy chicken!
Oh, how could I live without it?

Alas! I'm trapped like a marooned sailor on a hot, summer day,
when I smell that that taste bud tingling aroma!
My eyes widen, my mouth waters,
when my nose whiffs that familiar odor.

Suddenly, I'm in love, my eyes are watering, I can't blink!
I'm hypnotized, when I see that steam rising from that white, plastic container!
That luscious mix of sweetness, spice, and sour in a sauce, so enchanting!
I try to look away, but my eyes betray me.

I can hear you delightful little bundles of joy speaking to me, saying,
"Aaron eat me, EAT ME!"
My ears perk up when I hear the thrilling sound of the microwave beeping,
the sound that means I'll soon be in paradise!

You flirt with my tongue, as you creep ever closer to my lips!
You taste like a day in the Chinese countryside,
you are a sea of golden brown pleasure!
My mouth is speechless after taking that demanding CHOMP!

You feel like a walk through a field of daisies,
when you touch my lips.
My hands are jittery when the grasp the fork,
knowing that soon I'll be floating in a rainbow of flavor!

Szechuan Chicken, you are my love,
my true beloved companion,
whom I'll share many experiences with,
Szechuan Chicken, I love you!

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