August 30, 2008
By Griffin Dellaverson, Pacific Palisades, CA

She said she’d stay,
Stay forever,
Be my friend and leave me never,
But Life has cruel and twisted ways,
A Love like this could never stay,

Fifteen minutes before she died,
We said our last,
Final, goodbyes,
She said it was good,
To be alive,
For these few minutes,
To live and thrive,

But the time had come,
For things to finish,
For memories to stop,
And life to diminish,
For love to severe,
To cut premature,
Her bud of resilience,
From this Earth,

I keep her ashes here with me,
As if that would ever be,
For the pain if feel,
The thundering sadness that I’ve come to Conceal,

I’ve never known a burning like this,
A burden for life,
Sealed with a kiss,
A kiss of life,
To keep me here,
To teach the world,
Not to fear,
The memories you can create
With time,
For those whose souls have become,

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