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Nowhere to Hide

August 30, 2008
By Mylena Gilkes, Queens, NY

Where do you run?
When nothings going right
And life puts up a fight
But the person you hate the most
Is the one that held you close?

Where do you hide?
When your world is crumbling around you
And there is nothing left to do
But stand and watch
As the wall
You so cautiously built

Where do you go?
When every aspect of life
Is aimed at causing you strife
To recreate your perfect world
To paint you as the wretched girl

To whom do you confide
When the one you know the best
The one who rose above the rest
Decides you aren't worth anything
That you're a mere annoyance to him

When all you can do is cry
Sometimes without knowing why
But as each tears descends and falls
You realize he saw through it all

The facade you attempted to display
The image you tried so hard to portray
The lie you wanted everyone to believe
The perfect smile you let him see

He was aware of the pain you felt
He saw through your act of stealth
He knew the many tears you cried
He knew you had nowhere to hide

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