Everything will be Alright

May 2, 2013
By AerynK SILVER, San Diego, California
AerynK SILVER, San Diego, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Not all those who wander are lost".
- Tolkien

Stop it

hurts why won’t you
let go how could you do this
Why would you
Push me up against the glass and
Laugh when I said
Stop you moved your hand and
Please I asked you not to
why are you
doing this how
couldn’t I have seen this
Coming *gasp*

Ow it
Hurts oh
God make it stop please
Make it stop
Look there she
is why did I
Leave her
she wouldn’t have done this how
could I have been so
Wait she’s
Looking over here and
Glaring guess she doesn’t
Care that you’re doing
this to me (again)
What’s she doing
Now she’s running
Dropped her books and

Now she’s rushing
Over here is she gonna
Laugh like you?
What’s she holding
In her hand it looks
Sharp and Glinting in the
She’s right behind you
But then, you wouldn’t notice
You’re to busy
hurting me
Now she’s coming up behind you with
he Knife is its in her hand and
Now you’re frozen,
stopped have you
Finished using me?
Sliding down my body
Gurgles from your mouth
she’s moving towards me
Does she want to hurt me too?
No but now she’s
Gathering me up into her arms and
My tears are on her shoulders she’s
Carrying me away
Now the cheerleaders are
Screaming but she doesn’t hear their
She’s focused on that
Broken figure lying in her arms

My consciousness is fading

But I feel her arms around me

It’s okay, she won’t drop me
everything will be alright…

The author's comments:
This whole storyline is up to you. You decide what happens.

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