Paint Me

September 13, 2008
By Megan Hofschulte, Wauwatosa, WI

I want you to paint me beautiful,
A treasure for you.
Glide the brush along the page,
And make your dreams come true.

First paint me eyes,
So I can watch you work.
I want to see you make mistakes.
I want to see your quirks.

Then please paint me a head,
Your canvas for my face.
Make it round, make it smooth,
But inside, leave enough space…

Next I want a brain,
I want you to make me smart.
So I will know you really know
How to create “real” art.

I want 2 arms, 2 legs, a body
To move and groove all about.
But what is the use in making noise,
When you can’t hear a shout?

Now I want two ears,
To hear the noise I create.
I want to listen to you whisper.
This is truly a wonderful trait.

I nose is just what I need:
Two nostrils to inhale.
I want to smell the fresh paint drying,
To breathe beneath this paper veil.

A mouth would be nice,
So I can talk to you.
I know you must be lonely…
A happy smile sticks like glue!

There is just one thing left,
And that would be a heart.
So I can love you just as much
As you loved me from the start.

The little details I shall not need.
I am not one to plead in strife.
As long as you are with me
We shall live a “colorful” life.

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