Our Complicated Friendship

September 13, 2008
By Christy Cee GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
Christy Cee GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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we were friends before we met
i got your email
we started talking
we havent stopped writing, yet.

when i first saw you i knew
we'd be best friends.
i just never thought
you were thinking it too

we pledged to stay close
thought, never more than friends.
i thought it would be easy
you were nicer than most

i thought you were in love
with my sister
you told me i was wronge
there was no on else i could think of

you said it was me
i was so surprised
i never even thought...
wait, how could this be?

i returned the feelings
and i said so too
i thought about it a lot
staring up at the ceiling

"we cant be together"
you said that night
"people need us"
i'll always remember

we tried being friends
it just didnt work
we always found each other
again and again

we always had fun,
we laughed alot
i never wanted to say goodbye
when the day was done

i couldnt help but get mad
when you talked to other girls
i'd ignore you for days
i'd go to bed sad

it was hard to be mad at you
when you smiled at me like that
those eyes, and your dimple!
angry thoughts disappeared from view

we werent really together
not dating exactly
we lied to the world
told them "we're just friends, friends forever"

secretly, you were mine
romeo and juliet
we would sit together
and talk, just to pass the time

i'd had a bad day
you'd give me a hug
i'd say it was nothing
just to make it go away

we had our ups but
so many more downs
"it would be best to be friends"
i knew in my gut

i didnt like it
trying not to like you
it didnt work
not one bit

i'd see you,
and pretend not to care
but oh, i did
i cared, that much was true

people just said "he's too young"
i'd just thing
"love has no age"
but their words still stung

i kept repeating in my head
"i dont need him, i dont need him"
but what i want,
those words were left unsaid

i guess i'll never know
if we'll work out or not
i just have to wait
adn let it all go

this battle still rages
"he loves me, he loves me not"
i hope we can figure it out
will it take ages?

this poem has no end
just like us
i might get over it,
if my heart ever mends

im sure its not broken
but it may very well be
if things keep on,
keep on going unspoken

we're friends at the moment
but how long will it last?
we might come back to each other
hey, i wouldnt mid it for an instant!

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