The Darkness

September 12, 2008
By Madeline Bennett, Vancouver, WA

You think that I don’t feel pain,
You think I don’t care,
Well guess what, your wrong
Every day it’s harder to breath
Every day it’s harder to ignore.
It’s not your fault
It’s not my fault
But it has to torture us both
I can’t forget it,
It whispers into my ears
It lets itself known
Every thing hurts as I watch
I watch the graceful figures twirl around me
I watch them, watch them
Every day I need to wake up to face it once again
Every night I have to feel the pain start again
I can’t ignore this
I can’t forget this
I can’t tell this to you
Because if I do, I know you’ll be hurt
Because if I do I know you’ll blame your self
But what else can you do, what else can I do
Its said and done, no more re-do’s
So why,
Why do we try to imagine it will end soon?
Why don’t we face the facts and brace ourselves
For we know what is to come,
Yet we only think of what has come and gone
For we need to brace ourselves
For our lives to come crashing around us
But be able to rebuild from the ashes
We will be able to fight this
We must stay united,
All the way through our fight to the mysterious future
Which becomes confusing as it comes closer
Yet if we stay together, if we stay strong,
We will defeat the darkness that comes closer
We will be able to fight it with ease, and come out together
As a family,
What we started as
And what we will always end as.

The author's comments:
This poem is dedicated to my mom, because she always keeps the family happy nomatter how hard it gets. Luv you mom.

P.S. this is a Non-Fiction poem, it has alot of metaphores in it though

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