Little God

September 12, 2008
By Sarah Corner, Los Angeles, CA

We dined on sunlight and chocolate bars
Let creation ooze through our bodies
With Aphrodite and Hera watching over us
We lived without fear
Drowned ourselves in lust
Wide-eyed and full of warmth
We assumed everyone saw the beauty as much as we did
Then things changed
It started when we discovered the monster in the pool
Angel of the storm warned us
But we ignored him
And took a taste
We sickly indulged
Yet came out empty
Our bodies hollow and ready to be crushed
In an afternoon so full of terror
Even you the daredevil
Wanted to run and hide
Still we remained
But hardly recovered
Our flesh tingled with a sense of darkness looming
Long ago were the days when we imagined that we could outline each other's bodies in the sky
With stars for our eyes
And crescent moons for our smiles
Now there was silence and solitude
Our world was twisting and contorting
To shapes we never could have imagined
You were slipping away
And everywhere I looked I couldn't find you
Your knees were once
And untouched
But then they darkened
To such a shade of violet
It looked like plums were rotting underneath your skin
I couldn't recognize you
Little by little I changed too
The space underneath my eyes looked bruised
Like God had come down and pressed his thumbs against them
Dark blue and scattered with hate
Our limbs heavy with guilt weighed us down
We were stuck in a pool of despair
We tried to swim to the top
Reaching out to the sun
Almost touching her heat
But just as we got close enough she would disappear
Into the nothingness of night
You couldn't remember my face
Though you said you always would
I forgot your fine lines and imperfections
You forgot mine too
We tumbled into an abyss
And finally let go
Our flesh becoming mere shadows
Our organs becoming useless
Our hearts becoming bruised
Once we dined on sunlight and chocolate bars
Once we let creation ooze through our bodies

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