My Steps

September 12, 2008
By Haley Huson, Sidney, NE


Baby blue eyes
Chocolate cupcake everywhere but my mouth
Naps with my favorite breathing pillow
The pimpest shades in the world

Baby Steps

Sign language
Numerous trips to the zoo
Can’t go to bed without Simba
“Go Bob!” Monday Night Football


Sunday morning cartoons galore
Disney movies out the wahzoo!
Frosting mountains of hyperness
The Beatles and Aerosmith playing in the background


Harry Potter and The Magic Tree house
Green Apple, “Fruitateers” Forever
Crushes etched in gel pen
Swinging until I touched the sky


Music that’s always too loud
Job’s Daughters fair and true
Barista, boys, and ballet
Way late nights and even earlier mornings

I live life in fast forward
And it keeps getting faster
But I just take each day
One step at a time.

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