September 12, 2008
By Jessica Sparks, San Diego, CA

If I talk to myself
Does that make me insane?
If I act and dress modest'
Does that make me plain?

If I write a sad poem
Or dress in black,
Does that mean I'm emo
Or that I'm a fag?

If I smile a lot
And always look nice,
Does that make me a hooker?
Make me a slut?

If my opinions uncover
What my clothes cover up,
Does that make me wrong?
And make you right?

If my name is a label,
A title or a phrase,
Does that give you the right?
To dictates its fate?

If I am a writer
And my words are never read,
Does that make me a writer?
Or what instead?

If my passion is my faith
Does that make me senseless?
To the world around me?
Will that dull my senses?

If our thoughts are different
Does that make one right?
If this is too long
Than just comment goodbye.

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