I Surrender to the Rain

September 10, 2008
It’s raining inside my temple.
The doors have been closed
And locked.
The water has nowhere to go
So it begins to flood,
Slowly filling the void.
Panic blooms in my chest
Like a cold flower.
And it’s so cold,
The water,
As cold
And frozen
As fear.
I try to run,
To get to dry land,
But my feet have nails in them,
Attaching me to the hard earth.

Soon I realize
I must face the rain alone,
And this makes me struggle
All the more,
Rubbing my feet
Till the water is tinted
With the poison.

Now the water has risen
To above my knees
And they quickly become
Numb from the cold.
And as the water raises
To my waist
A scream builds within
My being,
Filling me up inside.
I can’t hold on to it for long,
And it rips forth
From my mouth.
It’s full of
And betrayal.
I scream until my throat is
Raw and bloody and my voice abandons me.

My body is beginning
To lose control,
As all feeling
From my marrow.
The water has closed
It’s grasp
Around my neck
And I know I will
There is something of
In this certainty.
The panic loosens
And is released
And a calm
The fear.
Now the coldness
Has gone above my head.
It’s so cold.
I’m so numb.
My body has now abandoned me.

I let out my last breath
And watch
The air bubbles
Race to the surface.
I note this with
Cool detachment.
They have abandoned me as well.
And without
Another thought,
I open my mouth
And swallow the sea.

The coldness rushes
Into my body
And takes control,
Bringing with it
Black fireflies
To cloud my vision.
They whisper.
I smile sadly
To myself.
At least I wont
I have my fears
To keep me company
And the Lord of Dis
To guide me.
I look to the heavens above
One last time,
And seeing nothing,
I surrender ,
At last,
To the rain

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jdckjmck said...
Sept. 15, 2008 at 5:40 pm
Powerful poem....
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