The Day I Realized

April 25, 2013
I was tired of this place,
The same cruel people, those looks on their face.
It seemed all around me was a burning and heavy hate.
My heart was heavy, if I remained here, would I suffer this fate?
So determined to flee, I ran away, far far away just to see,
If anyone really cared about me,
There miles away from where I last stood, seemingly alone as could be,
So I ran on farther, farther away down the path just to see.
If anyone really cared about me.
Twas then that down the lonely road I saw, another desperate form, slowly, wordlessly walking,
his angry bitter expression, his form, his attitude vile.
As he came on closer, we walked together, talking.
This man was so strange, but then somehow familiar.
His voice, his face, his walk.
I felt somehow it was me, my life he was trying to mock.
As I turned aside to get a better look,
Only then did I realize I had been walking and talking with myself.
The message was so clear, an open book.
He melted before me with tears in his eyes
The mist of his presence was all that remained,
We had no time for goodbyes.
I began weeping while turning around,
Then started back on towards home without a sound.
My face had changed through the years I found.
By despising, hating, cursing their ways,
I had simply become like them through the days.
Why if I didn’t change first no-one else would,
And maybe it was they just never could.
This realization dawned as I arrived at the place where I first stood.

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