Give me untouchable love

September 12, 2008
By Robert Burton, San Antonio, TX

Finding love is a game of wits inside this lustful city of cruel un-wanting bliss;

Fingers touch the flesh of those with hearts outside their chest then lose all control of their passion once love is mention;

Unlike the romatic movies with the endless titles that bring hope to the loveless there is no part two.

Give me untouchable love....

Souls cover the earth like millions of flowers but yet none do bloom so brightly;

Their eyes lost in color as they believe in nothing more then the time and now;

Why do nice guys finish last anyway?

Give me untouchable love.....

Some say its simple but finding a dove from a dozen crows is quite harsh around these times;

No one has the wings to fly or they just can't understand why they would want you by their side;

So until that time i guess i'll hold my chest from the inside...

So no one can see the empty heart i hide.

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