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Where I'm From

September 12, 2008
By marjorie keeton, Sidney, NE

I am from purple Pocahontas nightgowns with ity bity slippers to match,
From my beloved silky pillow to my favorite cow-spotted “blanky.”

I’m from surfboard swing sets and turtle-shaped sandboxes,
From playing in the mud after a downpour to falling sound asleep in my playhouse.

I am from playing dress up with my little brother to having my mom videotape every peculiar thing.
From my out-dated Smurf chair, to my very first pink bike with training wheels.

I am from birthday parties at Chuckie Cheese’s and “The Lion King on Ice.”
From trips to Nebraska once or twice a year, to playing house in my brother’s Pongo tent all day long

I am from journeys to the creek with my little brother, and getting leeches suctioned to my legs

I’m from water-wings to piano lessons and not being able to get an ounce of sleep without my Barney light on.

I am from being a sheltered child to growing up and branching out.
From learning from my mistakes and figuring out life with the help of my loved ones.

This is me.

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