September 11, 2008
He’s so perfect
She thinks to herself
Smart, funny, handsome and real
I’ll never need anyone else

She’s so amazing
He thinks to himself
Eyes, hair, legs, AND a brain
I’ll never need anyone else

But he had a secret
That she didn’t know
Such a good liar
It just didn’t show

The first years were wonderful
With compassion and care
He treated her like a princess
They were such a perfect pair

But as months went on
The secret became clearer
As their kids came into the picture
The less he was found near her

Later she found him
In a hotel by himself
More and more he went away
The kids and she made a family of themselves

Time went by
And she just couldn’t take it
She was losing her hair from stress
Wondering how they were going to make it

Then one day the family
Came home to the house
Only to find out
That his secret had been announced

Every counter top and end table
Were piled with glass
Green, empty beer bottles
No more forgive, forget, and let it pass

On the bathroom floor he lay
Not a pulse not a breath
He was no longer alive
The worry put to rest

No one would have guessed
Alcohol could take his life
He wasn’t violent or evil
Just not very nice

And now she lies down
After the kids are asleep
And wonders just how
Things got so deep

But she knows it’s not her fault
She tried everything
From talking and tempting
She even tried counseling

But when alcohol means more
Than your wife and your kids
Addiction is your family
And you kiss the bottle’s lips

He’s so perfect
She thinks to herself
But this isn’t really him
And I need something else

She’s so perfect
He thinks to himself
From above in the sky where he watches
He’ll never need anyone else

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