Life Saver

September 11, 2008
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If I were angry just a little less,
Would it touch someone else?
If I didn’t need as much,
Could I reach someone out of touch?

If I chose not to stay silent,
May it keep someone from violence?
If I asked just one more time,
“Hey, you ok?” not accepting the answer ‘fine!’.

If I loved a little more,
Could I open a new door?
Would it cause a little less strife?
Or maybe even save a life!

Can my life make such a change?
To see love coming down like rain.
When you see someone in need,
Go and see what needs you can meet.

If it’s an encouraging comment,
Or just listening for a moment.
Or maybe even a simple hug.
Just a simple way of showing Gods love.

"This will certify that the above work is completely original,"

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