The Meet

September 11, 2008
By Sarah Sticker, Pleasent Valley, NY

When thay see each other
can you feel the joy?

He sees the girl and
she sees the boy.

When their eyes finally meet,
the room is filled with love.

As they croos the room,
she sees a dove.

It flies over to the boy
and lands on his arm.

He gives it a note and
it dives for the girl.

As it dives for her
everyone gasps!

But to everyones surprise,
it means her no harm.

She takes the note and
reads it aloud.

Suddenly the only thing one hears
is the sound ot "awwws".

She begins to run with
this feeling that gnaws.

As they touch
everything begins to melt.

Their lips touch together;
it's like nothing they've ever felt!

For you see the two have
been away for some time now.

He whispers into her ear,
"I'll never leave again, that I vow!"

The author's comments:
Most of this poem was about someone in my school. I read twilight while writing it and the last line came to me from when Edward leaves that lines for the book and Stephenie Meyer.

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