September 11, 2008
By Bradley Wright, Winona, MN

Standing on the edge
He wonders if its worth it all
To jump off the rim of sanity
Knowing that failure is in front of him
Hes gone crazy

The soft breeze he hears echos through
his thoughts,
Running through him faster than the light of day.
Will dreams of ever hoping for so long,
actually confide in reality

Is the jump off of sanity reaching for a lim, able to break him
Sometimes life isn't always what it seems,
but this jump may be exactly what he needs to redeem

His life, his life that was once so perfect
but is now scatterd, jagged like the rocks below this edge
The breeze that continues to blow,
brings back memories, he thought he lost

Memories of him and her, of them.
His first jump signified every jesture of positive and negative thought's.
Re-visions, Re-happening's,

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